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Ammiano milestone bill to correct prosecutor misconduct goes to governor
San Francisco BayView, 9/4/14
On Aug. 29, the California Assembly approved AB 885 by Assemblymember Tom Ammiano, passing a milestone measure to limit trial misconduct by more->


Ammiano bill to close Prop. 13 loopholes wins support from long-warring business groups and tax reformers
The Sacramento Bee, 5/14/14
Decades of political wrangling over how Proposition 13, the iconic property tax limit passed by voters in 1978, is applied to commercial property reached a climax of sorts Tuesday in a Capitol hearing more->


Ammiano bill to limit use of inhumane solitary confinement
San Francisco Bay View, 4/8/14
The Assembly Public Safety Committee, chaired by Assemblymember Tom Ammiano, will hear Ammiano’s AB 1652 to control use of solitary more->


Ammiano bill helps homeless youth access services to keep them off the streets and out of criminal justice system
Bay Area Reporter, 2/27/14
By falling under the jurisdiction of the court, homeless youth would be eligible for federal funding that would follow him or her to a specialized homeless youth shelter or group more->


Repeal of California transgender student rights bill fails
The Sacramento Bee, 2/24/14
Efforts to overturn a law shielding transgender students stalled Monday, with advocates of the repeal failing to gather enough signatures to qualify for the statewide more->


Ammiano says this is time to strike on marijuana reform
The Huffington Post, 1/22/14
California Assembly member Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco), a longtime supporter of marijuana legalization and regulation, said in a statement Tuesday that "this is the time to strike" on marijuana reform in the more->


Immigrant Rights Advocates Celebrate Ammiano bill protecting their rights
The SF Appeal, 1/1/14
Immigrant rights advocates are lauding a new California law taking effect today that will limit the criteria by which a local law enforcement agency can comply with federal deportation hold more->


Ammiano to propose sentencing commission to correct imbalance around sentencing
The Sacramento Bee, 11/13/13
The prospect of a renewed push for a statewide sentencing commission surfaced during a Wednesday hearing on California's criminal justice more->


Governor signs all 13 Ammiano bills
Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 1019, on prison education, Sunday. The Governor’s approval on the bill marked a perfect record for 2013 bills by Assemblymember Tom Ammiano. All of Ammiano’s bills that landed on the Governor’s desk were signed. The new laws more->


Governor signs Ammiano bill enabling lifesaving use of naloxone drug
Huffington Post, 10/11/13
On Thursday, Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law Assembly Bill 635, authored by Assemblymember Tom Ammiano, which will expand the use of a lifesaving injectable drug, more->


Governor signs Ammiano bill permitting gay couples non-discrimination access to fertility coverage
Huffington Post, 10/9/13
Unmarried and gay couples will be ensured the same access to insurance coverage for fertility treatments as heterosexual couples under a bill California Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law more->


Governor signs Ammiano's Trust Act, setting Important Immigration Reform
The New York Times, 10/6/13
On Saturday, in a powerful rebuke to the Obama administration and Congressional inaction, Governor Brown signed the Trust Act, a law that will make it harder for federal agents to detain and deport unauthorized Californians who are non-criminals or minor offenders and pose no more->


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Ammiano Domestic Workers Bill Becomes Law
The Sacramento Bee, 9/26/13
Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation today giving some domestic workers, including in-home nannies and health care workers, overtime pay for working more than nine hours a day or 45 hours in a more->


Ammiano's CleanPowerSF must begin in order to bring clean power to San Francisco
SF Examiner, 8/30/13
In this Guest Column for the SF Examiner, Assemblymember Tom Ammiano provides a much needed counterpoint to inaccurate information being given about more->


Ammiano bill will improve conditions for domestic workers
Independent Voter Network, 8/28/13
Assemblymember Tom Ammiano discusses his Assembly Bill 241, the Domestic Worker’s Bill of Rights, and how people with disabilities are able to lead independent lives and pursue careers because of domestic more->


Governor signs Ammiano's bill empowering transgender students
The Sacramento Bee, 8/12/13
California students will soon be able to use the bathrooms and join the teams that best match their gender identity, with Gov. Jerry Brown signing a bill by Assemblyman Tom Ammiano enshrining new rights for transgender more->


Ammiano urges establishment fair and humane policies for prisoners
Assemblymember Tom Ammiano, Chair of the Assembly Public Safety Committee, has the following statement regarding the hunger strike of up to 30,000 California State Prison inmates in support of prisoners in the so-called Short Corridor at Pelican Bay State more->


Ammiano K-12 transgender-rights bill passed by legislators
Daily News, 7/3/13
California lawmakers approved a bill Wednesday that would require public K-12 schools to let transgender students choose which restrooms they use and which school teams they join based on their gender identity instead of their more->


Ammiano says medical marijuana regulation efforts will continue
Medical cannabis regulation is alive in the Legislature, despite a procedural mistake that stalled AB 473 on the Assembly floor more->


Assembly Approves Ammiano Bills
The California Assembly approved four additional bills Thursday and Friday by Assemblymember Tom Ammiano, acting before their scheduled deadline. These bills now move to the Senate for more->


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Ammiano bill to enforce transgender rights passes Assembly
The Fresno Bee, 5/9/13
Assembly Bill 1266 will force school districts to be in compliance with current laws that prohibit discrimination against transgender more->


Ammiano's 30 bills this session of wide ranging reforms gets execeptionaly strong support
Assemblymember Tom Ammiano introduced 30 bills and one resolution in the current session. The bills include measures tackling major issues in immigration, public safety, the environment, labor rights, social discrimination and reform of California tax policy. more->


Ammiano working to undo Medi-Cal cuts
The Sacramento Bee, 4/10/13
State Assemblyman Tom Ammiano is part of a bipartisan group pushing to undo Medi-Cal cuts to hospital-based skilled nursing more->


Ammiano wants all new bridges evaluated to see if they need suicide barriers
SF Examiner, 2/21/13
Bridges being built or rebuilt using state or federal money should consider adding suicide prevention systems, according to new legislation introduced by State Assemblyman Tom more->


Ammiano corrects restaurant overcharge for Healthy San Francisco
SF Chronicle, 1/25/13
Diners have been duped, said Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, the primary architect of the Healthy San Francisco law when he was a more->


Ammiano Healthy San Francisco led to businesses offering more health benefits
SF Chronicle, 1/8/13
San Francisco's Healthy SF led to an increase in the proportion of firms offering health benefits compared with those outside the city not subject to the mandate, according to a new more->


Ammiano wants Rainy Day Fund he created to be Saved for a Rainy Day
SF Chronicle, 12/27/12
If we use Rainy Day money now, we may not have the funds when dire circumstances occur. What's worse, it sets a precedent for raiding the Rainy Day Fund for something other than its intended purpose. Once the controls are loosened, others may fall to the same temptation and raid the fund more->


Ammiano reintroduces Trust Act to protect rights of immigrants
Cal Coast News, 12/3/12
Assemblymen Tom Ammiano is reintroducing the “Trust Act,” aiming to stop deportation of undocumented immigrants arrested for non-violent and minor more->


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Ammiano to Close Proposition 13 Corporate Loopholes
The Sacramento Bee, 12/7/12
Democratic Assemblyman Tom Ammiano said he will try to rewrite tax laws the he believes allow businesses to avoid higher taxes when commercial property changes more->


Ammiano introduces Homeless Rights Bill
SF Chronicle, 12/4/12
State Assemblyman Tom Ammiano has introduced a homeless rights bill to protect some of society’s most vulnerable more->


Ammiano seeks new moral compass for California's 'failed' prisons, 12/4/12
Tom Ammiano, the State Assembly’s Safety Committee Chair says he will seek, introduce and support major prison reform this session targeting a correctional system failure rate that persists as the highest recidivism in the more->


Kids are Priority for Ammiano
SF Examiner, 11/16/12
A former teacher and member of the San Francisco Board of Education, Ammiano has long been an advocate for children, and foster children in more->


Ammiano says Domestic Worker Bill, we're in it for the long haul
National Domestic Workers Alliance, 10/4/12
Governor Brown missed an opportunity to prove himself as a leader in civil rights by ensuring that the people caring for California's children, people with disabilities and the elderly no longer have to go without proper sleep or more->


Governor signs Ammiano bill barring unfair evictions
BeyondChron, 10/2/12
California Governor Jerry Brown has signed an important new law to protect tenants after rental property ownership changes. The bill will prevent unfair and unnecessary evictions when a new owner buys rental property and fails to communicate with more->


Governor signs Ammiano bill providing LGBT training for foster parents to provide supportive environment for youth to grow and learn safely
Los Angeles Times, 9/28/12
Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a bill requiring foster parents and other care givers to undergo training in "cultural competency and sensitivity" regarding lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender more->


Governor signs Ammiano bill providing important alternatives to student suspensions and expulsions, 9/24/12
Gov. Jerry Brown signed AB 1729 by San Francisco Democratic Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, which gives principals and superintendents more discretion to use alternatives to suspension or expulsion, as long as they’re age appropriate and are targeted to change the student’s more->


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Governor signs Ammiano bill giving immunity to drug users who seek overdose aid
Sacramento Bee, 9/17/12
Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation today to provide Californians with limited immunity from prosecution for drug offenses when they seek medical assistance for an overdose by themselves or more->


Ammiano Domestic Workers Bill of Rights goes to Governor
San Francisco Chronicle, 8/30/12
Nannies, housekeepers and other domestic employees would be entitled to overtime pay, meal breaks and other rights already afforded to most California workers under a bill sent to Gov. Jerry Brown more->


Ammiano bill protecting those who assist drug overdose victims goes to Governor
AlterNet, 8/29/12
A bill aimed at saving the lives of drug overdose victims by protecting those who would come to their assistance from prosecution on drug charges passed the California more->


Ammiano bill protecting tenants from unfair evictions goes to Governor
BeyondChron, 8/29/12
Authored by Assemblymember Tom Ammiano, AB 1953 plugs a loophole in California law which has allowed successor landlords, especially after foreclosure, to wait months before notifying tenants of an ownership change and where to send more->


Ammiano bill to protect rights of immigrants passes legislature
San Francisco Chronicle, 8/25/12
California state legislators passed Assemblyman Tom Ammiano's bill Friday that seeks to protect undocumented immigrants charged with relatively minor crimes from being more->


Tom Ammiano working hard to serve our children and youth
Kilamanjaro, 8/18/12
Tom Ammiano taught for a long time in San Francisco and again and again he has fought for education - he fought hard for the "Rainy Day" fund to help the San Francisco Unified School more->


Ammiano bill sets basic standards to guarantee domestic workers decent working conditions and pay
New York Times, 8/9/12
The California Legislature is considering a bill to extend basic labor rights to domestic workers: the nannies, cooks, baby sitters and other caregivers whose labor allows households to function smoothly, thus contributing to the larger more->

Ammiano rainy day fund adds school days to year
San Francisco Chronicle, 8/2/12
Three and a half days will be added to the school year in San Francisco, thanks to a new agreement reached between the school district and its teachers more->


Ammiano Trust Act restores community trust and saves jail space for serious offenders, deserves to be law
New York Times, 7/21/12
A bill moving through the California Legislature, aptly named the Trust Act, seeks to counter the damage done to community policing and public safety by the Obama administration's Secure Communities more->


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Ammiano's bill opens gate to real prison scrutiny
San Francisco Chronicle, 7/26/12
California has had some of the tightest restrictions on news media access to its prisons since more->


Ammiano's Trust Act, first in nation to protect rights of immigrants, likely to head to Governor
San Jose Mercury News, 7/6/12
California's Trust Act would create a national model to counter the racial profiling inherent in the one section of Arizon's anti-immigrant law which the Supreme Court did not strike down last more->


California's First Bill to Regulate Medical Cannibis Industry, authored by Ammiano, Passes Assembly
Assm. Tom Ammiano, 5/31/12
The California Assembly today passed AB 2312, the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Control Act, which would create the first statewide regulatory framework for the medical cannabis industry in more->


San Francisco Bay Guardian salutes Ammiano's unmatched courage and integrity
San Francisco Bay Guardian, 4/24/12
Ammiano is a legendary San Francisco politician with solid progressive values, unmatched courage and integrity, and a history of diligently and diplomatically working through tough issues to create ground-breaking more->


Ammiano bill for state oversight of marijuana passes Assembly Panel
Sacramento Bee, 4/17/12
An Assembly committee today passed a bill to create state oversight for pot businesses, as its chairman Tom Ammiano implored the Legislature to act to stave off federal raids on medical marijuana more->


Ammiano co-sponsor of bill to protect franchise small businesses
Blue MauMau, 3/15/12
Last week AB 2305 was announced, the Level Playing Field for Small Businesses Act. The law, co-sponsored by Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D-13th), looks to be one of the most advanced fair franchising bills in the more->


Ammiano's Rainy Day Fund should be used to avoid teacher layoffs
San Francisco Bay Guardian, 3/6/12
Assemblyman Tom Ammiano is not happy with the mayor's interpretation of his rainy day fund, in which Mayor Ed Lee plans to hold hostage the $6 million the city owes the school more->


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Ammiano and San Francisco archbishop speak out against federal regulations
San Francisco Chronicle, 1/29/12
Assemblyman Ammiano's bill will reform the ICE act and the injustices they have perpetrated on the people of San Francisco. The new bill is based on legislation considered last year that would let local communities participate in the program only if they choose to do so through a more->


Ammiano Healthy SF Harvard Award Finalist
San Francisco Chronicle, 11/28/11
In a political era in which government is often blamed as a problem rather than a solution, Harvard University's Innovations in American Government Awards hopes to show the converse can be true. And one of its six finalists - out of 563 applicants from around the country - is Healthy San Francisco - created by Asm. Tom more->


Ammiano 10 bill enabling trained staff to administer heroin-overdose halting drug saves 600 lives in SF
SF Weekly, 11/22/11
For the last eight years, the city's Department of Public Health has been dealing a drug that can stop a heroin overdose in its tracks -- and it appears to be working. The city has just ticked off its 600th life saved since it started doling out the drug in 2003. Last year, then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill sponsored by Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco) which kept those people who had completed the Narcan training from being held liable after administering the more->


Governor Signs Ammiano student residency bill
Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 207 by Assemblymember Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco) into law today. The bill is a modest but important step toward ensuring that schools are accessible to all students by clarifying student residency more->


Ammiano wants more than lip service from BART
The Bay Citizen 9/27/11
Assemblyman Tom Ammiano questioned BART's commitment to reforming police procedures Tuesday at a State Assembly Public Committee hearing in more->


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Governor signs Ammiano law to help San Francisco finance America's Cup
California Newswire, 9/26/11
Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. on Friday signed AB 664 (Ammiano) to finance improvements the Port of San Francisco needs to host the 2013 America's Cup yacht race, considered along with the Olympics and the World Cup to be one of the world's top sporting events. Brown said the race, which is projected to bring 450,000 visitors, more than 8,000 jobs and $1.2 billion in economic activity, will put "wind in the sails" of the port's more->


Ammiano honored as ACLU's Legislator of the Year
California Progress Report 9/21/11
At an awards ceremony held in Los Angelese Sunday, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Southern California presented the organization's "Legislator of the Year" award to 13th District Assemblymember, Democrat Tom Ammiano. The Assemblymember was recognized for his successful stewardship of several prominent ACLU-sponsored civil rights bills through this year's legislative more->


Ammiano works for prison reform
San Francisco Chronicle, 8/28/11
For the worst of the worst, California's prisons have a special place. It's a 6-by-8-foot windowless cell where an inmate lives for more than 22 hours a day, alone, for years at a time. For relief, there's an hour allowed in a small exercise yard. It's the ultimate lockup - one that's survived legal tests and protests - but it might be changed at long last. Click here to see how Asm. Ammiano is working for prison more->


Ammiano's anti-bullying Seth's Law passes Assembly
San Francisco Chronicle, 6/2/11
The state Assembly on Wednesday approved Seth's Law, an anti-bullying measure named for a gay Central Valley teenager who committed suicide last fall after years of harassment over his sexual orientation. Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco, who authored the bill, said Seth Walsh, a 13-year-old student from Tehachapi (Kern County) suffered years of bullying before he took his own life in more->


Ammiano bill to protect rights of immigrants passes Assembly
San Francisco Chronicle 5/26/11
Assemblyman Tom Ammiano's measure seeks to allow counties to opt out of the [Secure Communities] program. Two Bay Area counties - San Francisco and Santa Clara - have formally sought permission from the federal government to do more->


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Ammiano bills help Latino Families
San Francisco Chronicle 5/1/11
Tom Ammiano wrote both the Trust Act, which would allow local governments to opt out of the federal deportation program, and the bill that would give domestic workers rights to protections including overtime, meal breaks and paid sick more->


Assemblyman Ammiano Endorsed by the San Francisco Bay Guardian
Ammiano's a part of San Francisco history, and without his leadership as a supervisor, we might not have a progressive majority on the Board of more->


"Whitman's abuse shows Ammiano's Domestic Workers Bill of Rights long overdue"
The Diaz case bolsters [Ammiano's] efforts to give California's domestic workers, who are not protected by federal wage and hour laws, "long overdue" protections on the more->


Ammiano: Legalize marijuana: Time to Act is Now
San Francisco Chronicle 9/18/10
Prop. 19 is more than just a "slogan or concept." It is an opportunity to overturn the utter failure of years of marijuana more->


Further efficiencies from Ammiano proposal for civilians to perform some police department work
San Francisco Chronicle 7/25/10
Pioneering test program to free up police officers to focus on crimes in progress or dangerous more->


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US Supreme Court Denies Legal Challenge To Ammiano Healthcare Program
Fog City Journal 6/28/10
Assemblymember Tom Ammiano is breathing a sigh of relief today after learning the U.S. Supreme Court denied a legal challenge to a key provision of "Healthy San Francisco" more->


White House backs Ammiano Healthy San Francisco in health coverage suit
San Francisco Chronicle 5/29/10
The Obama administration took San Francisco's side Friday in a legal dispute over the city's groundbreaking health coverage more->

Ammiano makes bold move to close corporate loophole
SF Bay Guardian 4/27/10
Assembly member Tom Ammiano (D-SF) is the new standard bearer for revising the state's property tax code... as he introduces AB more->


SFBG June 10 Endorsement
SF Bay Guardian 4/27/10
When the history of progressive politics in modern San Francisco is written, Tom Ammiano will be a central more->


Protecting rent-regulated tenants
San Francisco Chronicle 4/22/10
Ammiano legislation successful in limiting CalPERS from investing in real
estate apartment projects displacing rent-regulated more->

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April 10 more->


Assemblymember Tom Ammiano chosen as new chair of LGBT Caucus
Equality California Blog 3/19/10
Sacramento-Assemblymember Tom Ammiano (D--San Francisco) was elected this week to serve as Chair of the state legislature's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Caucus. He has served as a member of the LGBT Caucus since his election to the State Assembly in more->


Why district elections?
San Francisco Chronicle 2/28/10
n 1996, a ballot initiative establishing district elections passed overwhelmingly, winning in 24 of San Francisco's 25 more->


Bart Police Need Civilian Oversight
San Francisco Chronicle 7/29/2009
Amid the drama of the state budget, the BART union negotiations and the threat of a possible BART strike, it can be easy to forget that it has now been more than six months since the fatal shooting of Oscar Grant on New Year's Day by a BART police more->


The Fair Elections Now Act Would Make Congress Accountable to Citizens Rather than Large Campaign Contributors
May 14, 2009...PDF->


BART Police Shooting Comments
January 8,>

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Ammiano Updates Outdated Noise Control Ordinance
San Francisco Chronicle, 10/24/08
The "Noise Control Ordinance" updates for the first time in more than three decades how the city regulates loud noise from mechanical sources...
read more->


Judge Rules Ammiano ID Cards a Go
San Francisco Chronicle, 10/15/08
The last challenges are administrative and technical as opposed to political," said Supervisor Tom Ammiano, who sponsored the ID card legislation...
read more->


Big Victory for Tom
San Francisco Bay Guardian, 10/10/08
It's taken 11 years, but Sup. Ammiano has finally convinced the Golden Gate Bridge Board to accept a suicide net on the bridge..
.read more->


Court Victory for Ammiano's San Francisco health plan
San Francisco Chronicle, 10/1/08
The three-judge appeals court panel upheld the Healthy San Francisco program, which requires more->


Ammiano praised for Hospital Board approval of plans to rebuild St. Luke's
San Francisco Chronicle, 9/26/08
St. Luke's Hospital, threatened with closure as a full-scale facility just a year ago, was reborn Thursday when its governing board approved a plan to rebuild the more->


Two gay Assembly candidates win races
Bay Area Reporter, 6/5/08
San Francisco Supervisor Tom Ammiano, running unopposed in the city's 13th Assembly District, easily claimed victory Tuesday more->

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Here's the wind-up
Bay Area Reporter, 6/5/08
Supervisor Tom Ammiano winds up as he throws out the ceremonial first pitch at last Friday's San Francisco Giants' 15th more->


The SF Bay Guardian Endorses Tom Ammiano
San Francisco Bay Guardian, 4/29/08
This one's easy. Ammiano, who has been a progressive stalwart on the Board of Supervisors for more than 15 years, is running with no opposition in the Democratic primary for state Assembly, and we're proud to endorse his more->


Ammiano's rainy day fund comes to rescure of S.F. teachers
Jill Tucker, San Francisco Chronicle, 4/25/08
San Francisco schools will get about $19 million from the city's special rainy-day fund - enough to save most of the 535 teachers whose jobs have been on the budget chopping more->


Tom Ammiano speaks at the rally for a safer Cesar Chavez Street
San Francisco Bike Coalition
Residents gathered at the intersection of Cesar Chavez & Mission Sts. to demand a safer, more livable street, including bike lanes. They were joined by Supervisor Tom Ammiano and other neighborhood more->

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Ammiano has no party challenge in Assembly run
Wyatt Buchanan, San Francisco Chronicle, 3/11/08
San Francisco Supervisor Tom Ammiano will run unopposed in the Democratic June primary for the California more->


Supervisor proposes standards for shelters
Joshua Sabatini, The Examiner, 3/11/08
Supervisor Tom Ammiano authored the legislation to establish standards for the shelters, which serve about 1,800 homeless people more->


Living conditions spur call for legal action
Wyatt Buchanan, San Francisco Chronicle, 3/11/08
"I think we will definitely see a healthier and more positive environment for people who have to use the shelters," said Supervisor Tom Ammiano, who introduced and sponsored the more->


Living conditions spur call for legal action
Joshua Sabatini, The Examiner, 3/11/08
Supervisor Tom Ammiano introduced an official letter of inquiry to the Department of Building Inspection, criticizing the department for failing to properly act on the "months and months" of more->

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Sean Penn Goes for 'Brokeback' in Biopic
Entertainment Weekly, 3/07/08
Supervisor Ammiano comments on new Harvey Milk more->


Rainy Day Fund To Blunt Impact of Draconian Budget Cuts. Is it Enough?
United Educators of San Francisco Newsletter, February 2008
...Mayor Gavin Newsom and Supervisor Tom Ammiano jointly announced their support for giving the SFUSD up to $30 million from the city's Rainy Day Fund to offset the severe education budget more->


S.F. expected pass law on nutrition disclosure
Wyatt Buchanan, San Francisco Chronicle, 2/29/08
... but I think there will be an overriding good that will be accomplished here," said Supervisor Tom Ammiano, who is sponsoring the more->


S.F. eateries may start counting calories
Joshua Sabatini, The Examiner, 2/7/08
Legislation authored by Supervisor Tom Ammiano that would require restaurants with 15 or more more->


What's not on the menu
John Diaz, San Francisco Chronicle, 2/3/08
Supervisor Tom Ammiano has proposed an ordinance that would require all chain more->

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Setting standards
Amanda Witherell, San Francisco Bay Guardian, 1/30/08
Ammiano and a cadre of city staff, homeless-rights advocates, and Shelter Monitoring Committee members are drafting more->


2 hospitals got millions, spent little on charity
Heather Knight, San Francisco Chronicle, 1/29/08
Supervisor Tom Ammiano said hospitals have tried to spin the numbers for as long as the city has required the charity more->


In Praise of Tom Ammiano
Randy Shaw,, 1/28/08
When I wrote last week of the impact of state school cuts on San Francisco's local budget, I had completely forgotten that Supervisor Tom Ammiano sponsored a ballot initiative (Prop H) in 2003 to address such unforeseen more->


Rainy-day account could bail out SF schools
Jill Tucker, San Francisco Chronicle, 1/26/08
Supervisor Tom Ammiano, who sponsored the 2003 proposition and once served on the school board, said he would support allocating funds to the more->

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SF Schools To Declare Financial State Of Emergency
Mike Sugerman, CBS 5, 1/16/08
City Supervisor Tom Ammiano was a teacher and school board member before he ended up at City Hall. The governor's proposed 10 per cent across the board more->


Ammiano to be in Milk movie
Matthew S. Bajko, The Bay Area Reporter, 1/10/08
Supervisor Tom Ammiano is set to appear as himself in a new biopic about the life and death of Supervisor Harvey Milk, the nation' more->


Alemany Computer Lab Named after Supervisor Tom Ammiano
Press Release, 12/16/07


Ammiano: Gas prices would drop if refiners sold stations
Joshua Sabatini, The Examiner, 12/06/07
Under legislation introduced by Supervisor Tom Ammiano, oil refiners would be required to sell off their company-owned gas more->

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Chain stores targeted again
Joshua Sabatini, The Examiner, 11/23/07
Supervisor Tom Ammiano introduced legislation on Nov. 13 that would prohibit chain stores from opening in the more->


Vote nears for ID card plan in S.F.
Maria L. La Ganga, Los Angeles Times, 11/19/07
The ID card measure, which Ammiano introduced in September, takes the idea of sanctuary a step further, giving undocumented immigrants and more->


ID Cards for Residents Pass a Vote in California
Jesse McKinley, New York Times, 11/15/07
...a labor force that's supplied by, for lack of a better term, undocumented residents," said Tom Ammiano, the supervisor who sponsored the more->


S.F. supervisors approve ID cards for residents
Wyatt Buchanan, San Francisco Chronicle, 11/14/07
Supervisor Tom Ammiano, the legislation's author, said the availability of identification cards is a smart public safety measure because it would more->

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San Francisco's Push for Municipal ID Cards Gains Momentum
Mark Seelig, KCBS, 10/29/07
Seven supervisors and the mayor are now behind a plan for the city to issue its own identification documents to city resident so...listen here->


St. Luke's Hospital owner puts off plan to cut service
Victoria Colliver, San Francisco Chronicle, 10/26/07
California Pacific Medical Center officials announced a delay Thursday in plans to end pediatric and infant intensive care service at St. Luke's more->


Ammiano reveals more details of his plan to issue city ID cards
Robert Selna, San Francisco Chronicle, 10/25/07
Supervisor Tom Ammiano introduced the legislation in September that would give every person living in San Francisco the option of obtaining a city-issued identification more->


4800 subprime Bay Area loans at risk of foreclosure by 2008
Kelly Zito, San Francisco Chronicle, 10/24/07
San Francisco Supervisor Tom Ammiano introduced a nonbinding resolution urging the country's 25 largest subprime lenders and loan servicers to agree more->

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New Plan to Push Big Oil Out of San Francisco
Barbara Taylor, KCBS, 10/17/07
With gasoline prices well over $3 a gallon in San Francisco, Supervisor Tom Ammiano is proposing legislation to break the big oil companies' hold on service stations within city more->


Ammiano Campaigns for Assemblyman at Asia/SF
Dennis McMillan, San Francisco Bay Times, 10/11/07
Supervisor Tom Ammiano held a festive fundraiser on Oct. 3 at Asia/SF for his campaign to be elected State more->


llegal immigrants are issued ID cards in some places
Emily Bazar, USA TODAY, 10/04/07
San Francisco Supervisor Tom Ammiano introduced legislation last month to create a city ID more->


Amendments To SF Living Wage Go Into Effect
CBS 5, San Francisco, 10/01/07
Supervisor Tom Ammiano, whose office sponsored the amendments, said he was "happy to announce this very, very important first step," in the fight more->

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Tom Ammiano: Why ID card will make the city safer and stronger
Tom Ammiano, San Francisco Chronicle, 09/30/07
As a sanctuary city, San Francisco has a responsibility to address the issues facing our community when federal legislators fail to do so. While grandstanding and speeches filled with fear and hate dominate congressional debate, here on the local level more->


Alice endorses Ammiano
Matthew S. Bajko, Bay Area Reporter, 09/13/07
Supervisor Tom Ammiano this week secured the early endorsement of the Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club in his bid for the 13th District Assembly more->


Supervisor Ammiano drafting legislation for ID card for illegals
Wyatt Buchanan, San Francisco Chronicle, 09/07/07
San Francisco Supervisor Tom Ammiano is drafting legislation to create a city identification card for immigrants unable to get traditional ID more->


San Francisco $100 million housing fund is proposed
Wyatt Buchanan, San Francisco Chronicle, 08/16/07
Supervisors Chris Daly and Tom Ammiano filed the charter amendment Tuesday, the deadline for such measures to make the February more->

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1,000 uninsured enrolled in Healthy San Francisco
Heather Knight, San Francisco Chronicle, 08/15/07
San Francisco's unique foray into universal health care has proved more popular than anticipated, enrolling its 1,000th participant last more->


Supervisor Ammiano Leads on Living Wage Ordinance - Passing 10 to 1 at the Board of Supervisors
Press Release, 08/14/07


San Francisco launching universal health care plan
Doug Trapp, American Medical News, 08/12/07
San Francisco Supervisor Tom Ammiano combined the recommendations in his Worker Health Care Security Ordinance, which also mandates employer health more->


Gay politicians haul in campaign cash
Matthew S. Bajko, Bay Area Reporter, 08/09/07
Gay and lesbian candidates for state legislative offices hauled in nearly $1.6 million during the first six months of the year as they gear up for the June 2008 more->


Employment programs fall down on job
Wyatt Buchanan, The San Francisco Chronicle, 08/03/07
Supervisor Tom Ammiano, who requested the audit, said the city now is essentially "paying lip service to a great idea." "It's a classic left hand more->

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CBS 5, 07/31/07
The living wage law amendments, proposed by Supervisor Tom Ammiano, would require that workers at nonprofit agencies be paid the same minimum rate more->


Ammiano spins rooftop wind turbine idea in S.F.
The Examiner, 07/09/07
Supervisor Tom Ammiano wants to give residents of Bernal Heights the opportunity to harness wind for energy by allowing wind turbines on rooftops to rise beyond existing area height more->


S.F.’s affordable health care ready for soft launch
The Examiner, 06/26/07
Authored by Supervisor Tom Ammiano, the plan, recently renamed Healthy San Francisco, offers access to health care to all 82,000 uninsured San Francisco more->


Plan to bar oil firms from owning SF stations
San Francisco Chronicle, 06/01/07
Supervisor Tom Ammiano is drafting legislation to bar oil companies from operating gas stations in the San Francisco, which has some of the highest more->


San Francisco Tomorrow presents award to Supervisor Tom Ammiano, 05/18/07
SFT presented a Special Award to Supervisor Tom Ammiano for his success in creating a health care program covering everyone in San more->


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City may offer ‘green’ power to residents
Bonnie Eslinger, Examiner, 04/18/07
By as early as next year, San Francisco residents and businesses could be asked to make a choice for their energy needs — stay with Pacific Gas and Electric Co. or go with a newly created energy program focused on renewable sources and backed by The more->


BAY AREA - Counties to get funds to offer health care to uninsured
Cecilia M. Vega, San Francisco Chronicle, 03/30/07
San Francisco's plan to offer health care to its uninsured residents and related efforts in four other Bay Area counties are getting a financial boost in the form of millions in new federal dollars, the California Department of Health Services more->


SAN FRANCISCO - 2-phase health plan enrollment approved
Charlie Goodyear, San Francisco Chronicle, 03/21/07
San Francisco's supervisors have changed a city plan designed to make medical insurance available for an estimated 82,000 residents. The change, proposed by Supervisor Tom Ammiano and approved Tuesday, means enrollment in the Health Access Program more->

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COMMUNITY PUTS PEACE TOGETHER - Responding to increased violence, a working group gets Alemany and Bernal Heights residents together to effect reform
Heather Knight, San Francisco Chronicle, 03/18/07
When 63-year-old Betty Hudson walks around her San Francisco neighborhood -- the Alemany public housing development wedged between the rest of Bernal Heights and Highway 280 -- she's quick to spot signposts of tragedy. The old, faded memorial consisting more->


SAN FRANCISCO - City proposal would phase-in health care
Heather Knight, San Francisco Chronicle, 02/28/07
Supervisor Tom Ammiano, backed by Mayor Gavin Newsom, introduced legislation Tuesday intended to ease some employers' concerns over the city's health care plan for an estimated 82,000 uninsured residents. The proposal would split enrollment in the plan...
read more->


SAN FRANCISCO - Supes want to know how voting machines count - Company balks at public disclosure, offers alternative
Robert Selna, San Francisco Chronicle, 02/22/07
San Francisco supervisors told representatives of a voting machine company Wednesday that the firm will need to publicly display details of the software it uses to count ballots in order to win a $12.6 million, four-year contract with the city. At a more->


Renewable energy program bill to be finalized
The Examiner, 02/15/07
Within two weeks, Supervisors Tom Ammiano and Ross Mirkarimi are expected to finalize legislation that would lay the groundwork for implementation of a renewable public energy more->


Fatal jumps from bridge rise sharply
Marisa Lagos, San Francisco Chronicle, 01/18/07
At least 34 people leapt to their deaths from the Golden Gate Bridge in 2006, a sharp increase from the average of 19 people who commit suicide from the majestic span each year, authorities said Wednesday. Another 70 people tried to jump last year but more->

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VietAm Seniors Nominated for Leadership Awards
Anh Le, Asian Week, 12/01/06
Seniors from throughout San Francisco filled the St. Mary’s Cathedral Conference Center to capacity on Oct. 12, to attend the Senior Action Network (S.A.N.) 16th Annual Convention, where the theme was “Universal Health Care NOW!” more->


SAN FRANCISCO - Final OK for eased pot enforcement
Charlie Goodyear, San Francisco Chronicle, 11/22/06
The Board of Supervisors gave final approval Tuesday to legislation that would set most marijuana-related crimes as the lowest law enforcement priority for the San Francisco Police Department. The board voted 7-3 to approve the legislation, sponsored by...
read more->


SAN FRANCISCO - Supes to vote on easing of marijuana laws - Opponents predict increase in crime, use of harder drugs
Charlie Goodyear, San Francisco Chronicle, 11/14/06
San Francisco's Board of Supervisors will vote today on legislation that would set nearly all crimes involving marijuana as the lowest law enforcement priority for city police. The legislation, sponsored by Supervisor Tom Ammiano, was approved Monday by more->


SAN FRANCISCO - Pot crimes may get less police attention - Supervisor proposes making marijuana busts a low priority
Charlie Goodyear, San Francisco Chronicle, 09/12/06
Famously tolerant San Francisco could become an even friendlier place for pot smokers if the Board of Supervisors passes legislation that proclaims most marijuana violations "the lowest law enforcement priority" for city police. Supervisor Tom more->

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SAN FRANCISCO - Supervisors expand health plan coverage
Becky Bowman, San Francisco Chronicle, 07/19/06
The San Francisco Board of Supervisors gave initial approval Tuesday to a plan to extend health care coverage to the uninsured by opening up and expanding the city's system of physicians and clinics now serving poor city residents. The plan, a merger more->


A healthy deal
San Francisco Chronicle, 07/13/06
SAN FRANCISCO wants to go where few cities dare -- into the hazy future of guaranteed health care for all residents. It's a huge undertaking, budgeted at $200 million and a possible enrollment of 85,000. Future costs, business impacts and extra more->


SAN FRANCISCO - Accord reached on health plan for uninsured - Newsom, Ammiano agree to require help from business
Charlie Goodyear, San Francisco Chronicle, 07/12/06
After months of behind-the-scenes negotiating and intense City Hall lobbying, Mayor Gavin Newsom and Supervisor Tom Ammiano announced compromise legislation Tuesday requiring some city businesses to help pay for a universal health care program. more->

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SAN FRANCISCO - 2 health proposals for uninsured 'fit together' - Supes panel votes to merge Newsom, Ammiano plans
Charlie Goodyear, San Francisco Chronicle, 07/06/06
A proposal by Mayor Gavin Newsom to offer universal health care won't fly without requiring businesses and other city employers to pick up part of the tab, the city's health director said Wednesday. Dr. Mitch Katz, head of the Department of Public more->


SAN FRANCISCO - Funding universal health care hot topic at hearing - City report, speakers consider effects of making firms chip in
Cecilia M. Vega, San Francisco Chronicle, 06/27/06
San Francisco's push to become the first city in the nation to provide health care for its uninsured residents was debated Monday at City Hall on the heels of a new report that predicts the plan could force some small businesses to close if they more->


Health-care plan worth examining
San Francisco Chronicle, 06/22/06
WHEN 1 in 10 San Francisco residents has no regular health care, the city has a problem. This group, numbering 82,000, sees no regular doctor, gets treated at emergency rooms and, not surprisingly, stays sicker longer. But past ideas on expanding more->


San Francisco State Alumni Hall of Fame Welcomes Five Inductees
A capacity crowd of SF State administrators, alumni, faculty, staff and family gathered to welcome five new members to the Alumni Hall of Fame and fete the Alumnus of the Year at a campus reception on May more->

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Penalties set for breaking city's handgun law Judge's OK awaited on $1,000 fines, 6-month jail terms
San Francisco's Board of Supervisors approved penalties Tuesday that include a $1,000 fine and a six-month jail term for anyone caught violating a city handgun more->


GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE - Suicide barrier study gets push - Bridge committee urges tests to begin with short budget
Carolyne Zinko, San Francisco Chronicle, 02/25/06
A Golden Gate Bridge district committee said Friday that the agency should start a $2 million study to learn whether a suicide barrier can be safely built on the span, but agreed to put the matter to a vote of the full board in two weeks to ensure there more->


SAN FRANCISCO - Ammiano amending health care pay plan
Charlie Goodyear, San Francisco Chronicle, 02/16/06
Supervisor Tom Ammiano proposed changes Wednesday to legislation he is carrying to require businesses in the city with 20 or more employees to pay for workers' health care. Submitted to but yet to be voted on by the Board of Supervisors Budget and more->


BAY AREA - Ammiano pushing to get started on bridge suicide barrier study - Project shouldn't wait for all funds to be raised, he says
Carolyne Zinko, San Francisco Chronicle, 02/08/06
A key official on a Golden Gate Bridge committee that monitors funding for a suicide barrier study is so worried about fatal jumps from the famed span that he wants to move ahead with the study even before all of the $2 million to pay for it has more->

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Working together on health care
San Francisco Chronicle, 01/30/06
WHILE Washington and Sacramento fiddle over health care, San Francisco wants to act. The city is considering a mandate that businesses with 20 or more workers offer coverage. It's a noble goal that comes loaded with potential benefits and more->


SAN FRANCISCO - Ammiano says he'll deal on health care - Scaled-back plan for firms to cover uninsured workers
Charlie Goodyear, San Francisco Chronicle, 01/27/06
Supervisor Tom Ammiano said Thursday he is amending controversial health care legislation to include a monthly fee as low as $50 per worker that San Francisco companies with 20 or more employees would pay for medical benefits for their workers. Ammiano' more->


SAN FRANCISCO - Study looks at cost of health coverage
Charlie Goodyear, San Francisco Chronicle, 01/21/06
Legislation introduced by Supervisor Tom Ammiano requiring businesses with 20 or more employees to provide health coverage could cost those same companies $300 to $410 million, according to a survey released this week. The study by the Bay Area more->

Hot issues to watch in new year
Rachel Gordon, San Francisco Chronicle, 01/06/06
Policy wonks and political aficionados should find plenty to keep them busy at City Hall during the new year, both as participants and observers. The running story is sure to be the races for supervisor in five of the 11 districts. Three of those seats more ->

SAN FRANCISCO - Chamber girds for health care fight - Business leaders oppose proposal to require benefits
Ilene Lelchuk, San Francisco Chronicle, 01/05/06
The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce is solidifying opposition to pending legislation that would require companies and nonprofit groups with 20 or more employees to provide health benefits for their workers. The chamber has gathered together small and more->

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